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Solar Power System

Complete Solar Power Kit

  • 7KW Inverter with build in DUAL MPPT 
  • Pylontech 3.5kw lithium ion battery 
  • (x6) 415Wp solar panels
  •  Tiled/pitched roof top mounting kit 
  • Pylon battery cable kit  
  • Pylon battery brackets

Excludes Installation


  • Increase the value of your property
  • Reduces your electrical bill
  •  You Can Add Pv Panels To The System In Future Without Requiring A Bigger Inverter or Charge Controller.  
  •  ​The Inverter & Charge Controller Can Accommodate A PV Array Of Up To 4000Wp. 
  • ​Batteries Can Be Added To The Battery Bank At Any Time , Up To 8 Batteries In a Single String  
  • Affordable Price 
  • ​Quality Components  
  • ​Sound Manufacturer Warranties 
  • ​Tried & Tested 
  • ​Easy To Setup  
  • ​Quick To Install

What You Receive With The System

5kVA Inveter with 80A mppt controller

PylonTech Lithium Ion 2.4kw

330wp Pv Panels Poly  

  • Pure sinewave inverter 48V 
  • ​Built-in MPPT solar charge controller 80A  
  • ​Compatible with mains or generator power 
  • ​​Battery equilizer for optimized battery performance and life cycle  
  • ​​Configurable AC/Solar input priority 
  • ​​Parallel operation with up to 9 units  
  • ​Overload & short circuit protection  
  • 10 Year Warranty 
  • Parralel connection capability allows you to add batteries when required  
  • Easy to install with simple buckle fixing 
  • ​Life Cycle of 6000 @ 80% DOD  
  • ​BMS protects against abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC, SoH  
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance (0/+5%)
  • Robust product design
  • 5 busbar technology  
  • ​72 Cells 
  • 25-year linear power output warranty  
  • ​10-year product warranty  

Cost Of The System

 Valid For A Limited Time Only


R 45 986.38 

50% Complete

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How The System Works

1.Sunlight Shines On The Pv Panels The PV Panels Produce Dc Elelctricity. Most Appliances in your home requires AC power & cannot run on DC.  

2.Dc Electricity Is Sent To The Inverter That Turns The Dc Power Into Ac Power That can be used to power normal home appliances. 

3. Electricity is sent to the loads connected to your solar power system.

4.Any Excess Power That is Not required by the load connected to the solar power system will be stored in the battery bank. This can be used at night time when there is no sun or when the load exceeds the power supplied by the PV panels.

5. If The Load Connected To The Solar Power System Exceeds What The System Is Producing The System Will Automatically Switch To Utility Power To Supply In The Demand.  

What The System Can Produce

  • PV Array - 1320 watt per hour (Peak hours)
  • ​Estimated Daily Production - 6600Kwh
  • ​Battery Usable Capacity Daily - 1920kwh per day @ 80% DOD  
  • ​Combined Capacity Daily - 8520Kwh  

The System Is Scalable So You Can Add Panels & Batteries If Needed  

Example Of What The System Can Run

Below Is Some Basic Home Appliances  


Fridge x1 @ 150wh

​Freezer x1 @ 150wh  

​Flat screen Tv x1 @ 100wh

Dstv Decoder x1 @ 40wh

Laptop x1 @ 40wh  

​Alarm System x1 @ 15wh

​Energy efficient Lights x10 (11w) @ 110h  


During Peak Hours The System Can Run All These Appliances At Once Via Solar Power Only. During Off Peak Hours (Evening with No Sun) All The Applainces Can Run On Battery Power For Around 3 Hours.

To Confirm Your Exact Appliance Kwh Usage You Need To Check The Power Rating On The Appliance. Solar Power Systems Are Not Designed To Heat Geysers , Run Air conditioners , Heat Rooms Or Cook Food With. Running Such High Energy Demand Appliances On Solar Will Make The Cost Of The System Extremely High.