Hybrid Inverters

Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter  

R30 296.63

GoodWe ES series Full Hybrid inverter is best suited to grid-connected PV systems: enhancing self-consumption and providing 4.6kW backup power to essential loads in the event of loss of grid. It can intelligently control the flow of energy.  

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KODAK 4.6KW Solar Hybrid Inverter 

R33 161.83

The Kodak Hybrid series is designed for residential hybrid systems, which can work with Lithium Ion batteries to optimize self-consumption. The unit can operate in both off and on-grid modes.  


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Alpha ESS 5000W Hybrid Inverter  

R41 201.24

The Alpha Storion SMILE5-INV is a modular design single-phase PV and battery hybrid 5kW inverter with backup functionality with UPS function built in.  


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Off The Grid Inverters

KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 5kW 48V  

R13 661.72

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KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter King with UPS 5kW 48V 

R14 870.89

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